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DoggyCash ニュース

BoysFOX promo tools updated - July 10, 2017
BoysFox promos updated with the following items:

FHGs (picture and mixed) - 8 new items;
Promo kits - 7 new items;
Emded,iFrame and hosted videos - 9 new items.
... 続ける...
New 200x200 banners - June 30, 2017
Banners updated for all tree sites with 11 new still and animated banners.
New promo kits for TeenBoysStudio - June 6, 2017
TeenBoysStudio promo updated with 13 new Promo Kits.
DoggyBoys promo videos update - June 5, 2017
DoggyBoys promo updated with 7 new Hosted, Embed and iFrame videos.
New promo kits for DoggyBoys - June 1, 2017
Ad tools for DoggyBoys updated with 20 new promo kits.
New Ad tool: Promo Kits - May 31, 2017
We're pretty sure you'll like our Ad tools novelty which is promo packages. Those are downloadable zip archives, each of them contains 12 images, a video trailer and a description for the set.続ける...
Picture galleries updated for BoysFox - May 26, 2017
BoysFox promo tools updated with 20 new picture galleries.
Picture FHGs updated for DoggyBoys - May 21, 2017
20 new picture galleries are added to DoggyBoys FHG list.
Start earning more today with the new RevShare scheme! - May 15, 2017
Effective today, you have the opportunity to earn more with our new program "up to 65%".

Now we offer an increase to webmasters for bringing a certain amount of sales within a... 続ける...
We began to transfer payments with Mastercard® and VISA® payment systems!

If you want us to send payment to your Mastercard® or VISA®, login to your DoggyCash Affiliate account... 続ける...